ETA are one of Austria’s leading boiler manufacturers.
ETA has been manufacturing class leading biomass boilers since 1998 from their state of the art production facility with a fantastic reputation for reliability. ETA produces over 10,000 boilers every year, exporting them around the world.

They offer a wide product range of pellet, wood chip and log boilers that are technically advanced, highly efficient, and fully automatic from 7kW up to 500kW. Ideal for our customers, and partners.

  •  High efficiency and self-activated cleaning
  •  Remote access via ‘meinETA’ from PC, smartphone and tablet
  •  Automatic ignition with reduce ventilation with external combustion
  •  Can burn multiple fuels with one boiler
  •  High return on investment
  •  Significant fuel cost reduction
  •  Receive RHI payments for the energy you produce
  •  Produce savings of up to 45% off heating bills
  •  Payback period of 3 to 7 years

ETA product range:

Pellet Boilers
ETA PU Boiler 7kW to 15kW click here
ETA PC Boiler 20 kW to 50 kW click here
ETA PE-K Boiler 35kW to 220kW click here

Log Boiler
ETA SH Boiler 20kW to 60 kW click here

Log / Pellet Combo Boiler
ETA SH TWIN Boiler 20 kW to 30 kW click here

Pellet / Chip Boilers
ETA HACK Boiler 20kW to 90kW click here
ETA HACK Boiler 130Kw click here
ETA HACK Boiler 200kW click here
ETA HACK Boiler 350kW to 500kW click here